Looking At Server Uptime From A Different Angle

There is a metric that is vital when we are talking about servers and that is the ‘Server Uptime’. As you may have guessed from the name, server uptime is the percentage of the total life of a server that it is online taken against the total time it is offline. It, therefore, goes to reason that a higher uptime, translating into the server being available more than it is not, is a very good thing. Most people who hire hosting services take this number very seriously.

Server Uptime Is Vital

Now, commercial servers will usually have different numbers for their server uptime metrics, usually a percentage. Higher uptime numbers are not always better and we will see why a bit later. But for now, we will see why low uptime metrics are bad. For a server to be performing at its best, it has to be up and online for a bigger chunk of time than it is down and therefore unavailable.

Think of a server that hosts an e-commerce website that has a high volume of visitors and therefore sales. Say this website makes a certain amount of money per minute. Then think of what would happen if this website was not available for a certain amount of time and what this would do to its sales potential. Now think about a scenario where the website is repeatedly offline, therefore lowering the server uptime metrics.

Why Server Uptime Is Not The Whole Story

Having your website up for 99% of the time is a very good thing, but being up does not always mean that it is available. A server may be up but unable to server the necessary data, website or hosted information due to some technical reasons. This is why the quality of the service offered by the server should be taken into account whenever we talk about server uptime.

To get the most out of your server, you have to make sure that it is both online and available. This is usually not a concern if you are talking about commercial hosting but might become an issue if you have a server in your company or department. Usually, a competent IT person is able to make sure that everything is ok with your server in addition to ensuring that it has very high server uptime metrics and statistics.

Server Uptime - A very vital numbner

Server Uptime, Looked At Differently

Although a lot of people will look at server uptime as the most important metric when it comes to their servers, that may not always be true. The availability of a server is equally as important and that is why these two metrics should be taken together when evaluating a server. When hiring a server or hosting services, be sure that the uptime is over 99.9% and that the company has an unimpeachable reputation for server availability.