How Long Can A Server Be Down For?

Servers, the computers that hold copies of your favourite websites, are not infallible. While modern servers are resilient and fault tolerant, there are times when they can drop from the grid. Luckily, when a server goes down, most of the time it will not permanently go offline. Here, you will learn all about the reasons for server downtime and how long a server can be offline.

How long can a server be down?

How Long Can A Server Be Down?

There are numerous reasons why a server can go offline. However, most of the reasons are intentional. Routine maintenance and servicing is the most common reason why servers go offline. A server that goes offline owing to intentional reasons will most likely come back online in a couple of hours. However, servers can also go down due to unforeseen circumstances, such as irreparable failure or damage. How long can a server be down? For unforeseen circumstances, it may take anywhere between a couple of hours to months to get the server back online.

Routine Maintenance And Servicing

Just like any other machine, web servers require constant maintenance. Without proper maintenance, a server would be quite unreliable. Consequently, hosting companies frequently carry out repairs to their numerous servers, to ensure they are functioning as they should. This involves updating mission-critical software, hardware replacement, and plain-old cleaning and dusting. In most cases, however, the server will be back online within a couple of hours.